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Powerpoint cannot edit

"This presentation cannot be edited because it contains a read-only embedded font"

You receive the following error message when you try to edit or save a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Service Pack 3 (SP3) or in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. This behavior occurs because the presentation contains an Embedded Read Only font. This makes the presentation restricted to read-only. You can’t edit and even save the file. The only solution for this one is this, Microsoft Solution

But what if you don't know the version of the powerpoint and you also don't even know the one who created it?

Here is a workaround to solve your problem.

Step 1:

Upload it on Google Docs

Step 2:

Save and download it on your computer

Note: The arrangement, font style and size might change but the good thing is that you can edit it.

And now you can edit and save your powerpoint presentation.