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Windows 7 Slow Login

Are you stuck in this window for a very long time???

I came across this problem after I install my Windows 7 on my notebook. I am so excited to get a hold of my windows 7 at that time and then I sense something is not right. When I log-in to my account, I noticed that the loading takes around 20 seconds. I was not convinced that this is a hardware issue because I have all the drivers installed.

As I was surfing the internet, I saw a theme for Windows 7. I install it just to try it then suddenly when I tried to restart, I noticed that the login time speed up drastically. So I surf the internet why does this happen and come up with an answer that the login problem in Windows 7 is cause by the Desktop Background.

How to fix Windows 7 slow login / start up:

The solution is you have to change you desktop background from a "Solid Color" to any background that you like. If you really like a solid color background, you can do a workaround by creating a solid color image using Paint or Photoshop then set it as a Desktop Backgound. I don't know what is the connection of it but this solution really works. ^^

Hope that this solution help you.


can I borrow you copy of Windows 7? I only need the installer, I have my own license key ^^ thanks for that.


Sure Why not. I will let you borrow it when we meet somewhere else.