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Free internet on you PC using your Cellphone

Computer with installed Cproxy and PC Suite
GPRS Activated Phone

Using PC Suite
1. open ang nokia pc suite then click Connect to the Internet
2. click Configure
3. click next
4. select "Smart Philippines" (Smart/TNT User) or "Globe Philippines" (Globe User) or "Sun Cellular Philippines" (Sun User)
5. click the Check button

Configuring Cproxy

1. Open Cproxy
2. Enter ang userid and password
3. Click IP list
4. Choose Server( Coolhousing.net:80 is preferred)
5. Click "Automatic setup"
6. Check "IE - Lan Settings"
7. Check "IE - Nokia ____ USB Modem (OTA)
8. Click Apply
Then your done. Try browsing and enjoy. ^^

If you will use Internet Explorer, there will be no problem because you can just check the settings to the cpoxy itself. config sa browser (firefox)

When using Firefox as your browser

1. goto Tools > Option
3. Advanced > Network > Settings > Manual Proxy Config
4. Enter Http Server: " Port "3128"
5. Check the Use this proxy for all protocols

Then your done.

This method is tried and tested. There are times that you can't connect because of many variable like signal loss, server down and something else.

Enjoy Surfing the net for free.

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