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Facebook Themes

Want some facebook themes?

*Mozilla Firefox
*Stylish (Firefox Add-ons)

Stylish is a Mozilla add-on that will let you customize websites on your computer. You can change the themes of any website you like, not just facebook.

Steps to install themes on your PC

1. Download and install Stylish add-on on to your Firefox.
2. Restart Firefox
3. Click Tools then click Add-ons
4. Click the "User Styles" tab. (Normally located at the rightmost tab)
5. Click "Write New Style"
6. Enter Name (Any name for you to classify the themes)
7. Search a style that you want in this site Download Themes
8. Copy the Code
9. Paste it in the New style window then save it.
10. Try Looking at your own new website themes.

You now got a new Facebook!