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Speed up your computer using "Autoruns"

As I am surfing the internet, I have found something new to me that might help me with my problems. I have discovered an application from microsoft. It is called "Autoruns".
I am using this software for around 2 months and this help me a lot when it comes to viruses, and speeding up my computer. You can turn off any automatically running software in your computer but you must be careful for those dll because you can also stop the autorun of the dll.

This is to share you guys a tool that I came across on the internet. This application is called autoruns. If you are thinking that this software will just disable autorun.inf, you are wrong because it can disable almost ever automatically running exe, services, and even dll.

Download Autoruns here.

Why use this application?

1. Remove Virus / Malware
- There are viruses that enters in you start-up and you can use this application to disable it. Actually sometimes it is better to disable the virus rather than deleting. When you delete a virus it might come back, but when you disable it, it is still there but it is not running.

2. Small but terrible
- The installer of this software is only 581kb yet it can do so many trick to your PC.

3. Easy to use and Safe
- Autoruns has a user-friendly interface. The configuration take effect immediately after you have unchecked an item yet it can be revert back by just checking it again. ^^

4. Approved by Microsoft
- As a matter of fact, Microsoft posted this application. So I believe they have tried it already and also amazed by the power of this software. ^^

5. Powerful
-The application let you edit your registry without browsing your registry all the time. You can double click the item that you want to edit and viola! you will be redirected to the registry of the item you select.

6. Best of all Speed-up your computer!
- You can disable some application that you don't really need to start when you open your computer. This will not just speed up your start-up but will also save up memory and cpu usage for faster processing. Not everything can be changed in the msconfig but with Autoruns, YOU CAN! ^^

This is a must try application that might help you in every way. ^^

Hope this help you with your problem.

Download Autoruns here.