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Keyboard Shortcuts

This is to share you guys some tip about keyboard shortcut that will let you use some hidden functionality and maximize your productivity.

For Windows Vista and 7 (Some can also be used in XP):
Win+X - To use Windows Mobility Center
Win+Space - Will hide all windows until you release it.
Win+UP - Maximize Active Window
Win+Down - Minimize/Restore Active Window
Win+Left - Move the window to the left when in restore mode
Win+Right - Move the window to the right
Win+T - Scroll the items on the taskbar
Win+P - Toggle computer display
Win+D - Show Desktop
Win+F - Search
Win+L - Go to the login page
Win+U - Open Ease of Access application
Win+E - Open My Computer
Win+Y - Show Yahoo Messenger (Only when running)
Win+Tab - Switch trough Windows