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XP auto logoff

I have encountered this problem many times in our office. If you try to login on your account, it will automatically logoff. This is caused by the altered userinit.exe on the windows\system32\userinit.exe.

There is an easy fix for these problem.

1.Get an XP cd and boot from it.
2.Press "R" when prompt to press it. (There is also another repair option if you don't press R on the first one but it is not what we need.)
3.You will redirected to a dos mode and choose the windows that you will repair.
4.copy e:\i386\userinit.ex_ c:\windows\system32\. (The drive depends on where your optical drive is path)
5.Try restarting and you can now see that you can now login again. ^^


Powerpoint cannot edit

"This presentation cannot be edited because it contains a read-only embedded font"

You receive the following error message when you try to edit or save a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Service Pack 3 (SP3) or in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. This behavior occurs because the presentation contains an Embedded Read Only font. This makes the presentation restricted to read-only. You can’t edit and even save the file. The only solution for this one is this, Microsoft Solution

But what if you don't know the version of the powerpoint and you also don't even know the one who created it?

Here is a workaround to solve your problem.

Step 1:

Upload it on Google Docs

Step 2:

Save and download it on your computer

Note: The arrangement, font style and size might change but the good thing is that you can edit it.

And now you can edit and save your powerpoint presentation.


Manual Virus Prevention

This is a tutorial on how you can prevent a virus by stopping the .exe to execute.
This is a simple, yet helpfull trick to make your pc free of virus.

Here are the Steps:
1. Click Start >> Run... then type gpedit.msc
2. Expand the Administrative Template by Clicking the "+" then Click System
3. Double-click "Don't run specified Windows applications"
4. Click Enable then click show
5. Now you can add the specific application that you don't want to run for example.

You can also use this application to block a program that you don't wan't some people to access.
For example

Hope I help you out.


Turn off Autoplay

Our USB is now vulnerable to virus. When we insert our usb to our pc, a virus might contaminate your PC also. So one thing we need is to disable autoplay.
This is how you turn off your autoplay manually. Even without any anti-virus.


1. Click Start
2. Click Run...
3. Type gpedit.msc and press enter
4. Click the "+" beside the Administrative template
5. Click System then Click Turn off Autoplay
6. Click Enable then change the cd-rom drives to all drives.

Then your done.

Try it. ^^


Facebook Themes

Want some facebook themes?

*Mozilla Firefox
*Stylish (Firefox Add-ons)

Stylish is a Mozilla add-on that will let you customize websites on your computer. You can change the themes of any website you like, not just facebook.

Steps to install themes on your PC

1. Download and install Stylish add-on on to your Firefox.
2. Restart Firefox
3. Click Tools then click Add-ons
4. Click the "User Styles" tab. (Normally located at the rightmost tab)
5. Click "Write New Style"
6. Enter Name (Any name for you to classify the themes)
7. Search a style that you want in this site Download Themes
8. Copy the Code
9. Paste it in the New style window then save it.
10. Try Looking at your own new website themes.

You now got a new Facebook!


Petsoc Coin Hack (Working!) as of 11-20-09

Cheat Engine 5.5

1. Go to Stadium > Bet > Select any racer > OK
2. At the "READY" screen, select flock as ce5.5 process (HEX, 8bytes, ASROM)
3. Scan "00002843C7E85D8B" Only 1 address returned.
4. Copy the address and paste in the generator below.
5. Now in Pet Society, click "READY" and watch the race begin. The race must start in order to find the next value!
6. Only 1 address returned.
7. Right click, disassemble > right click the selected line > go to address > copy and paste it in the generator below.
8. Click the button on the generator and copy ALL the generated codes.
9. Now in ce5.5, click Tools > Auto Assemble and paste the generated codes there
10. Click execute > ok
11. Even if you lose the race, you get $3000 coins!

12. Sometimes error occurs but try logging in again and you can see that
$1000 coins is added to you.

Code Generator

Please hit Thanks if you love it. ^^


Facebook Miracle Circles

Go to Facebook. With your keyboard press up up down down left right left right B A enter and then click on any white space

Try it out ^^ it works. ^^


My new logo.


Free internet on you PC using your Cellphone

Computer with installed Cproxy and PC Suite
GPRS Activated Phone

Using PC Suite
1. open ang nokia pc suite then click Connect to the Internet
2. click Configure
3. click next
4. select "Smart Philippines" (Smart/TNT User) or "Globe Philippines" (Globe User) or "Sun Cellular Philippines" (Sun User)
5. click the Check button

Configuring Cproxy

1. Open Cproxy
2. Enter ang userid and password
3. Click IP list
4. Choose Server( Coolhousing.net:80 is preferred)
5. Click "Automatic setup"
6. Check "IE - Lan Settings"
7. Check "IE - Nokia ____ USB Modem (OTA)
8. Click Apply
Then your done. Try browsing and enjoy. ^^

If you will use Internet Explorer, there will be no problem because you can just check the settings to the cpoxy itself. config sa browser (firefox)

When using Firefox as your browser

1. goto Tools > Option
3. Advanced > Network > Settings > Manual Proxy Config
4. Enter Http Server: " Port "3128"
5. Check the Use this proxy for all protocols

Then your done.

This method is tried and tested. There are times that you can't connect because of many variable like signal loss, server down and something else.

Enjoy Surfing the net for free.

Credits to:


Operation 7!

One of the newest games I wanted to try.. This will be a good game for because I love playing Online FPS. Here in the Philippines, E-games got the Operation 7 game. The is 9/10 for the reason that you can build your own weapon. That is one new way to play a FPS game. A must try game for those people who are sick and tired of playing games that has an old fashion on way on shooting other player.

E-games Operation 7


My Newest blog

Here we go... This is my first blog... and I don't even know what to say and what to do with this one. Well, I'll just let you all know what will happen next..