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Petsoc Coin Hack (Working!) as of 11-20-09

Cheat Engine 5.5

1. Go to Stadium > Bet > Select any racer > OK
2. At the "READY" screen, select flock as ce5.5 process (HEX, 8bytes, ASROM)
3. Scan "00002843C7E85D8B" Only 1 address returned.
4. Copy the address and paste in the generator below.
5. Now in Pet Society, click "READY" and watch the race begin. The race must start in order to find the next value!
6. Only 1 address returned.
7. Right click, disassemble > right click the selected line > go to address > copy and paste it in the generator below.
8. Click the button on the generator and copy ALL the generated codes.
9. Now in ce5.5, click Tools > Auto Assemble and paste the generated codes there
10. Click execute > ok
11. Even if you lose the race, you get $3000 coins!

12. Sometimes error occurs but try logging in again and you can see that
$1000 coins is added to you.

Code Generator

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